Threes 36- 48m
Our three’s enjoy spacious classrooms that promote their independent abilities. The weekly lesson plans are developed to enhance kindergarten readiness skills. Each day, your child will engage in various hands-on activities. They will explore, inquire and discover solutions while working alone, with a friend or in small groups. We encourage their individual ideas to create their own exciting games, make believe stories, and art projects.

Pre-School 48 – 60m

We provide expansive learning environments for our four and five year olds indoors and out. During this last year before going off to kindergarten, the children learn to be independent thinkers and doers, which enhances kindergarten readiness skills. There are many independent, as well as group activities to enjoy throughout the day. These activities allow the children to enjoy learning and to share what they have learned with others while doing so. Writing in journals, learning to tell time, and learning to tie their shoes, are just a few things they may come home bragging about.

Our preschool program inspires your child to examine, create, and share as he broadens his language through interactions with teachers and classmates in a safe, nurturing environment. Sensory and repetitive activities transform these new experiences into knowledge.

Preschoolers want to be independent. They want to explore, touch and mimic their peers and teachers. We use a Core Knowledge Curriculum that focuses on language arts and literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional development and gross and fine motor development. Through learning centers and age-appropriate playgrounds, our preschoolers have the ability to work at their own pace and learn to do tasks independently.

Your Preschooler’s Day

We use weekly themes tied to specific learning activities. The typical daily structure for your preschooler might include:

Morning and Afternoon Circle time

- where the day’s themed activities are introduced and reviewed.

Activities in the Learning Centers

- to bring the day’s educational theme to life.

Math, Language, Literacy & Science activities 

- to progressively builds important foundational skills.

Music and movement

- to expand your child’s vocabulary and listening skills (songs, poems and rhymes).  

Outdoor play

- at least twice daily to burn off energy and develop motor skills.

Lunch and quiet time to nourish and rest your preschooler’s growing mind and body.

-We provide three meals daily; a nutritious morning and afternoon snack and a hot, well-balanced lunch. They enjoy two scheduled outside times daily, weather permitting. We provide each child with a rest mat for a two-hour daily rest time after lunch. The children are always welcome to bring their own special blanket and sleep comfort items from home.







About Our Preschool Program (36m-60m)

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